Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Goal Review

February - gone! Another month through 2012. Time to review my goals for the year again...

Blog: Four posts in February - less than half of  the amount in January but still not too shabby. My current plans for the blog include posting Sunday Soups on Sundays (imagine that), interesting things and finds of the week on Tuesday/Wednesday, and the week in review on Friday. I'd also like to post random other things like crafts and non-soup recipes. We'll see how this goes.

Eat healthier foods: As of last Saturday I am still down 35lbs. So no weight loss in February but also no weight gain. I've been eating fairly healthy, natural foods for the most part but I've been finding way too many excuses (birthdays, parties, Wednesdays) to eat delicious (but not so healthy) foods. I love sweets - cake, ice cream, candy...doesn't matter, so I've been trying harder to cut these out and watch my portions when I do indulge. Also bacon. Sweet, sweet bacon. I hate you for being so delicious.

Quit smoking: In my head I'm telling myself to shoot for a May 1st quit date. Nothing special about that date....we'll go with that for now. My friend Angela and I were chatting about food (one of our favorite topics) and I said something about trying to avoid corn syrup/processed foods when possible. She said "but yeah, you'll still go out and smoke your cigarettes." Touche. She was kidding around but it did actually make me think about it...and that's a good thing!

Live within my means: Bills are still all paid. We've even managed to put a little into savings this month. Woohoo! Also looking forward to doing our taxes and hopefully getting a sweet refund. 

Be more active: Still not doing great on this. I've been itching to get outside though. Hopefully the warmer weather will encourage more activity!

Make at least one thing every month: I mainly have been working on knitting the rainbow blanket. I'm about 1/6th of the way done with the blanket and the year is about 1/6th over so maybe I'll finish it by the end of the year...or hopefully sooner. I also made a melty bowl that came out pretty awesome. Pinterest has been giving more crafty ideas than I know what to do with! I need to get busy! I also want to work on embroidering a garden apron in March.

Watch TV less and read more: Still not watching tons of TV. I did started using GetGlue which turns TV into almost a game...not necessarily a good thing. This month I've read the rest of The Secret Garden, Subculture, and Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story. I need to finish reading the All New Square Foot Gardening because spring (i.e., gardening time) is fast approaching! I also want to read The Hunger Pains -a parody of The Hunger Games. I loved The Hunger Games trilogy (and can't wait for the movie!) but I also like being humored. I read decent reviews about the parody...hopefully it lives up to my expectations. Past that I'm not sure what I want to read next.

My progress on some goals have slowed a little in February but I'm making at least a little bit of progress towards each of my goals - woot!


  1. I need to start eating healthier. It's just hard when I don't like vegetables, lol.

    I've started doing DDR on my Wii, and I'm having a good time with that.

    I also need to start reading more as well. My To Be Read pile is huge, and my ebook list is ever growing especially since I found a place online that lists free kindle ebooks every day. My poor kindle app on my iPad, lol.

    1. I like vegetables...the problem is I like cake too! :) I know there's lots of stuff I want to read, I just need to remember what!